Hearse & Limousine Hire

As well as using our vehicles for our own families funerals we also supply lots of funeral directors around the Manchester area on a regular basis.

At Blacks Carriage Masters we have worked with many different funeral directors and families around the UK since 2008 and understand that each funeral is different except for one thing…..The cars must be in pristine condition and exceptionally clean with a smart and courteous driver/funeral operative to match.

So we have available to hire our Mercedes E class hearse and limousines. When you hire one of our cars it comes with driver/bearer and our drivers are always there to help with whatever other funeral related jobs that need doing on the day as if they was one of your own staff.

95% of the time the car you hire will only do one funeral a day so the vehicle is spotless when it arrives to you,this can also assure you your car will arrive to you on time too.